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Enameled Wire



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AWG SWG Enameled Copper Wire

Enamelled Copper wire is one of the main types of winding wire. It is composed of conductor and insulating layer. The bare wire is softened by annealing, painted for many times, and baked.

Application and Features of enameled copper wire
Enameled copper wire is made of copper rod, which are draw by the specification mould,it is the baked winding wire with multiple-layers of insulating paint after annealing softening treatment. Zhengzhou LP Industry enameled copper wire is based on the national standard GB, the US NEMA standard and the EU IEC60317 standard or the technical requirements of customers to formulate production standards. The main performance control indicators are conductor size, conductor fillet size, insulation thickness, overall size, elongation, Spring back, flexibility and adhesion, room temperature (high temperature) breakdown voltage, thermal shock and other items.

Enameled Copper Wire has been widely used in motor, transformer, compressor and other industries as well as new energy vehicles, rail transit, wind power, smart home and other fields.
Enameled Copper Wire
LP Industry mainly supply enameled copper wire:
0.016mm - 7mm, AWG 1-50, SWG 1- 50 Enameled round copper wire
Thickness(a):0.3-10.0mm; Width(b):1-22mm Enameled Rectangular / Flat Copper Wire
Thickness(a)/Width(b):0.45-6mm Enameled Square Copper wire
Enameled Copper Wire

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