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0.016-7mm Enameled Round Copper Wire

From 0.010mm and up to 6.0mm of diameter, our magnet copper wire can provide all characteristics and types of varnish used. From self-soldering to high temperature, from bondable wires to specialty applications, you will certainly find what you need in our portfolio of products. With temperature ranges from 105 deg C to 240 deg C in AWG and metric sizes for the more specialist needs of the electronics industry can be obtained.
ECU Wire
0.016-7mm Enameled Round Copper Wire is an insulated copper electrical conductor used in motors, transformers and other electromagnetic equipment. When wound into a coil and energized, magnet wire creates an electromagnetic field.
Enameled copper wire application
Enameled Round Cu Wire technical parameters
Name Enameled Round Copper Wire
Conductor Copper
Dimension Thickness(a):0.016-7mm
Thermal Class 120(Class E), 180(Class H), 200(Class C), 220(Class C+), 240(Class HC)
Insulation Thickness: G1,G2 or single build,  heavy build
Standard IEC 60317-16,60317-16/28,MW36 60317-29 BS6811, MW18 60317-18 ,MW20 60317-47
Certificate UL
Packing 30kg-150kg ply-wood spool(250*400 / 250*500/ 250*600/ 250*730)

0.016-7mm Enameled Round Copper Wire can be divided into self-bonding round copper wire and normal ECU Wire. 

Wires insulated by wire enamels
Wire enamels are applied to copper wires in up to 30 layers. This provides electrical insulation and helps the windings from short-circuiting. These wire enamels must also have very good chemical and thermal resistance, must adhere very well to copper wire, and have outstanding mechanical stability.

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