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Paper Wrapped Insulated Winding Wire

Paper-insulated wires consist of conductive material surrounded by insulating material, such as Kraft paper, thermally stabilized paper, and other similar papers. The addition of insulating paper prevents the conductive component from making contact with other wires and components within an electrical or electronic device. It also serves as a protective layer against moisture and other environmental factors.

The annealed conductor of Paper Covered Magnet Wire is extruded or dawn from oil-free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod with certain specification mould. Then the copper or aluminum conductor is wrapped with two layers' or more than two layers' insulation paper including telephone paper, cable paper, high voltage paper, NOMEX paper, turn-to turn insulation paper. The product is widely applied in oil-immersed transformers and other similar electrical instruments. The electrical bare copper or aluminum wire with extrusion process is the ideal material for kraft paper wrapped copper or aluminum wire.

Paper covered wire is known for its high dielectric strength, which makes it an excellent choice for high voltage applications. It is also resistant to heat and chemicals, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

One of the disadvantages of paper covered wire is that it can be susceptible to damage from moisture and mechanical stress. Over time, the paper insulation can degrade, leading to electrical failure. For this reason, paper covered wire is often replaced with newer types of insulation, such as enamel or polymer coatings.

In summary, paper covered wire is a type of electrical wire that is coated with a layer of paper insulation. It is known for its high dielectric strength and resistance to heat and chemicals, but can be susceptible to damage from moisture and mechanical stress over time.

LP Industry mainly provides:
Telephone/kraft/nomex paper covered aluminum wire
Telephone/kraft/nomex paper covered copper wire
Paper wrapped insulated winding wire

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