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Width 22mm Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire

LP Industry provides the Width 22mm Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire and special enameled copper wire used for transformers, motors, traction motors, inverters, submersible motors, explosion-proof motors.

How to produce the Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire?
Annealing treatment, paint coating, baking, cooling and lubrication are sequentially carried out on a wire drawing circular aluminum wire to obtain a finished enameled wire, the enameled rectangular wire needs to undergo multiple working procedures, a finished enameled circular is squeezed and formed by an enameled forming mechanism and then the enameled rectangular wire is obtained.
Rectangular enameled copper wire
Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire technical parameters
Name Enameled Rectangular Copper wire
Conductor Copper
Dimension Thickness(a): 0.3-10.0mm; width(b):1.0-22mm
Thermal class: 120(Class E); 180(Class H);200(Class C);220(Class C+);240(Class HC); None
Insulation Thickness single or heavy
Standard IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Packing 30kg - 150kg ply-wood spool

LP Industry mainly supplies
glass fiber covered corona-resistant enameled rectangular wire
Self-adhesion enameled rectangular wire
Film wrapped enameled flat wire
Enamelled film wrapped sintering line

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