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Transformer Copper Foils

Transformer copper foils uses the best electrolytic copper or special copper alloy as raw materials. Fully protect the electrical conductivity of the transformer copper belt, conductivity 97-102% IACS(international annealed copper standard value) used in the power industry high and low voltage transformer line dry type transformer, shallow sea, deep sea, long-distance multi-channel and microwave system communication cable. The narrow and thin belt with large roll diameter (the length can reach more than 2000 meters) and the width is greater than 600mm. It is similarly as application of enemeled copper wire.

Common specifications for transformer copper belt, thickness 0.05-2.2mm* Width 10-1020mm; similarly used as enameled copper wire.
Copper Strips
The requirements of transformer copper belt are as follows:
1. Strip shape should be flat and true, allowing slight waves, strip side bending degree should not be greater than 2mm/m
2. Strip edge: cut edge, rounded edge, round edge
1) The cutting edge should be cut neatly, split edge and rolled edge, thickness ≥0.4mm, edge burr < 0.05mm; Thickness < 0.4mm; Edge burr < 0.03mm
2) Rounded corners, the edge should not be sharp, rough or protruding edge

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