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Corona-resistant enameled wire

Corona Resistant Winding Wire is specially intended, but not limited to, Inverter driven motors, in combination with high speed winding machines and hard insertion processes. Wire designed for use in motors that may be subjected to high voltage spikes present in heavy duty inverter applications. Corona Protect Enamelled Copper Wires has improved voltage endurance and thermal properties compared to standard IEC 60317 or NEMA MW 35 – C magnet wires. It is resistant to common solvents and refrigerants.

As the demands for motor and transformer efficiency increase the use of Corona Resistant Wires could play an important role in meeting these requirements. The benefits of this technology can be tailored based on the features of the nano materials infused in the primary insulation itself. Corona Resistant Wire enamel is applied to coat conductors or conductor wires by using multi-pass coating and wiping dyes and curing the same at varying speeds to obtain a smooth continuous coating. CORONA Resistant Enamelled Copper Wires are perfect for keeping your traction motors in top-performance condition day after day. CORONA Resistant Copper Wire is perfect for motors that are subject to high voltage and harsh environmental conditions.
Dual-coating electric corona-resistant enamelled wire
In inverter driven motors, excessive surges and voltage peaks during speed variation, creates corona discharge in the stator windings, which induce extra thermal stress on the insulation, causing excessive thermal ageing there by weakening and even decomposing of the insulation, leading to premature failure of motors. Corona induced failure is a typical phenomenon. Mica based products are used in certain application where corona resistance is required. Mica is naturally occurring and is available easily. But it has its own inherent weakness. It has poor flexibility and large area and as such, the space required is more for any mica based application. This result by increasing the size of the motor, making it unusable where space constraints are there. 

Corona Resistant enamel Winding Wires are used in Inverter drives & Stator Windings.

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