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Film Enameled Wire

Film-covered wire, also known as Mylar wire, "Mylar" is the transliteration of "Mylar". It is the world's earliest PET film successfully developed and industrialized by DuPont Company of the United States. Film-covered wire is to add a layer or multi-layer Mylar film on the outside of LITZ wire and enameled stranded wire, which increases the insulation voltage of the wire, and also plays the role of shielding, which can replace silk-covered wire.

Film-covered wire, the electromagnetic wire covered with synthetic film or other material film as the insulating layer on the surface of the wire or enameled stranded wire according to a certain overlapping rate.
film enameled wire
Advantages and features of Film-covered enameled wire
1. Good high frequency performance.
2. Good resistance to high temperature and high pressure.
3. Good flexibility and strong resistance to mechanical stress.
4. Good waterproof and anti-insulating oil performance, suitable for use in a sealed environment.
5. Heat resistance temperature and voltage are 130°C (Class B) & 155°C (Class F)
6. Dielectric strength up to 6KV/5MA/1Min
7. The coefficient of friction is 1.4-4.13 times higher than ordinary insulated wire.
8. The insulation coefficient is better than ordinary insulated wire, and the production design can reduce the primary and secondary retaining walls.

Film Enameled Wire Sizes:
Overlap rate: the proportion of the area covered by the front circle of membranes by the back circle of membranes to the total area when encapsulating, usually there are three types: 50%, 67%, and 75%.
Number of shares range: 1~36000 shares (different specifications, according to the cross-sectional area)
Finished outer diameter range: 0.25 ~ 6mm
Cross-sectional area: max. 20mm²
Enamelled single wire (conductor nominal diameter): 0.02~0.50mm

Due to its high temperature resistance and high insulation, it is widely used in the fields of high-frequency transformers, high-power transformers, and magnetic rings, such as medical equipment, inverters, high-frequency inductors and transformers, and wireless chargers.

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