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Zhengzhou LP Industry CO.LTD
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LP Industry

About LP Industry

Zhengzhou LP Industry CO.,LTD is founded in 1993, which is a leading enameled wire manufacturer in China. Wire produced to industry standards or to your standards. We inventory a large selection of unique magnet wires including grade 2 or single build AWG and SWG Magnet Copper Wire, enameled aluminum wire, aluminum foils, copper strips, paper covered wire, fiberglass covered wire and enameld copper clad aluminum wire.

The main products of the LP Industry are: Round (flat) enamelled copper wire, round (flat) enamelled aluminium wire, acetal wire, round (flat) aluminium wire wrapped with telephone cable paper, round (flat) copper cable wrapped with telephone cable paper, round (flat) copper and aluminium cable wrapped with glass fibres, wire wrapped in film, aluminium wire coated with enamelled copper, wire wrapped in dupont paper, aluminium oxide film wire, Synthesized electromagnetic wire of f46, etc.

Since its foundation to date, the company is always engaged in r&d and manufacturing of enamelled electromagnetic wires and wrapped electromagnetic wires. All products of the company adopt the manufacturing standards of iec, gb, jis, nema, and are widely applied in the manufacture of electric motors, transformers, electrical welding machines, instruments and devices, household appliances, refrigeration compressors, deflection coils, special motors, high frequency transformers and electronic and electrical products.

To meet the opportunities and challenges carried by the huge international market, the company insists on high quality product strategy and technological innovation, has passed the iso9001 quality management system certification and 14001 environmental system certification as the industry leader. Some of its products have passed ul's U.S. quality assurance certification. SGS environmental protection certification, expanding the international competition space.

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In recent years, the company consolidates the concept of "quality above all", and is dedicated to creating additional values for customers. Currently, the company's products are exported directly or indirectly through other foreign trade companies to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, USA. In the USA, Asia and Africa, it has cooperation with more than 200 foreign clients, in the continuous communication with foreign clients, it has increased the general level of the company in all aspects, and thus the company has been recognized as a company of adhesion to contracts and credibility by the industrial, commercial and financial sectors.

Zhengzhou lp industry CO.,LTD will provide the best products to customers with the best quality and service. We welcome partners and friends to visit zhengzhou lp industry s.l. to give instructions and negotiate with us.

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