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0.45-6mm Enameled Square Aluminum Wire

Enameled Square Aluminum Wire advantage:
1. Compared with the copper enameled wire, Enameled Aluminum Winding Wires are easier to be winded. There is a solid oxide film on the surface of enameled aluminum wire which make it has a good insulating effect with a long life.
2. Due to the good insulating effect of aluminum film layer, it’s heat-resistant temperature can be 20 degrees higher than  copper wire.
3. The greatest benefit of using aluminum is that it is 1/3 lighter than copper which significantly lower the production costs. It also attach to the solids easily and reduce the freight and operation during transportation.
4.The unit price of enameled aluminum wires are much lower than enameled copper wires.
enameled square aluminum wire
Enameled Square Aluminum Wire application:
1. Microwave transformers
2.Winding coils with light weight, high conductivity and good hea t resistance which used for high frequency signal transmission
3. Magnetic wire used in high frequency transformer, common transformer, inductance coils, electromotors, household electro-motors and micro-motors
4. Enamelled wire used in small-motor rotor winding .etc.
5. Magnet wires used in monitor deflection coil and degaussing coil
6. Other special magnet wire.
Enameled Square aluminum wire
Enameled Square Aluminum Wire types
Polyester Enameled aluminum wire(PEW);
Polyesterimide enameled aluminum wires(EIW);
Polyesterimide over-coated with polyamide-imide enameled aluminum wires(EIW/AIW);

Specifications of Square Enameled Aluminum Wire:
Name Enameled Square Aluminum Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Standard IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS
Thermal Class 180(Class H), 200(Class C), 220(Class C+), 240(Class HC)
Insulation thickness single or heavy
Packing 30kg - 150kg ply-wood spool

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