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0.06 - 1.2mm Self-adhesive Enameled Round Aluminum Wire

A self-adhesive enameled wire comprises a metal wire core, and an insulation varnish layer arranged outside the metal wire core, and a self-adhesive paint layer is coated outside the insulation varnish layer. As the self-adhesive paint layer is arranged outside the insulation varnish layer, the enameled wire is good in bonding performance and can be bonded without dipping paint, the technology can be simplified, and costs can be reduced.
self-adhesive enameled aluminum wire
The self-adhesion enamelled coating that said self-adhesion enamelled coating is a heat molten type through the energising heating, can make the enamelled wire moulding;    Perhaps, the self-adhesion enamelled coating that said self-adhesion enamelled coating is the alcohol type through the immersion of solvent solution, can make the enamelled wire moulding.

– Coils can be fixed without varnishing
– Wires can be bonded tightly together by heat produced with current flow or by heating in a thermostatic chamber
– Coil winding is possible while applying methanol and ethanol

Further, said insulation enamelled coating is the polyurethane enamelled coating, and the polyurethane enamelled coating makes and the utlity model has straight weldering property, when needs weld, need not to scrape off the polyurethane enamelled coating, can directly the utility model be placed in the welding position of wanting and weld.   The polyurethane enamelled coating also has the characteristic of anti-high frequency, and under high frequency environment, the dielectric loss of polyurethane enamelled coating is very low.   In addition, can also sneak into various dyestuffs in the polyurethane coating, can make the utility model when work, be convenient to distinguish not collinear function and purposes so that enamelled wire presents various colors.

0.06 - 1.2mm Self-adhesive Enameled Round Aluminum Wire technical parameters:
Name Enameled Round Aluminum Wire
Conductor Aluminum
Enamel PolyEsterImide + PolyAmideImide + PolyAmide (Self Bonding)
Temperature Class 155°C, 180°C
Dimension 0.016-1.2mm
Industry Auto Electricals, Motors, Home Appliances

Self-adhesive enameled aluminum wire can be used to manufacture micro-motors, electrical appliances and instrumentation telecommunication components, especially suitable for coils with special forming requirements and frameless coils. The use of self-adhesive enameled wire deflection yokes in televisions improves on-screen clarity and stability.

Mainly it is used in electronic circuits, television degaussing coils and so on for many more applications including washing machine motors, fans and AC compressors. The conductor properties of these wires differ from that of enamelled copper wires.

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