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Copper Foils For Transformer Winding

Copper Foils For Transformer Winding is widely sold in the world with high performance, also called transformer Copper Coils. The commonly used copper grades are ETP Grade (Electrolytic Tough Pitch), C11000, UNS C10200 TU1, temper O or H state.
Copper foils for transformer winding

Copper Foils For Transformer Winding Technical parameters
Name Copper Foils
Grade Cu-ETP/C-11000/E -Cu58
Temper Soft(O),Hard(H)
Dimension Thickness: 0.1-4.0mm; width: 20-1500mm
Standard ASTM,EN 13599,GB-T 18813-2002
Packing: In coil, Inner Diameter: 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, etc. IEC, NEMA, GB, JIS

Transformer Copper Foils Features
1. Super Thin, No Burrs and no scratch
2. Totally annealed
3. High strength
4. Above 99.80% IACS high electric conductivity
5. Excellent side camber 2mm/meter

The manufacturing process of transformer copper strips
it includes continuous up-casting, continuously extruded, milling face, rolling, welding, milling face, high annealing, rolling, low-temperature annealing, Cleaning and Passivation, aligning, cutting, chamfering, the main method by welding, the width for improving copper strips, meets the width requirement of transformer copper strips.

The standard of Copper Coils
STANDARD ASTM B5, B152 UNI 5649 GB/T EN 1652 DIN 1976 JIS
C1100 C11000 Cu-ETP T2 CW004A E-Cu 58 C1100

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